About Us

Marion and Sangbyeong met at a salsa party in Seoul during the summer of 2010…they started dating in the fall…and married three years later, on October 5, 2013.  Believing in travel as a great teacher, they will set out March 1, 2014 on a “learning honeymoon” around the world.  Between couchsurfing, workaway, and just following our “compass of curiosity,” we hope to maximize our experience and minimize our interference.


Why are we called “lotus in a bottle”?  Is it some sort of peace or enlightenment message we send out into the world?  Not really.  Sangbyeong’s name, based on the Hanja (or Chinese characters used in Korean) means “clean bottle.”  Marion’s name hints at the sea in the native French….but pronounced in Korean, it sounds exactly like “beautiful lotus” in Chinese.  Since the beginning of our voyage happened to be a sea voyage to China…well, you get the connection.


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